Two Sides Imaging is the gallery of Dan Thompson. I have been interested in visual media for most of my life, and over the years I have been learning to work in more and more forms, starting with childhood sketches of spaceships, going through photography, and more recently digital art and airbrush body painting. I have not done this so much for the creative results as I have to exorcise the images from my head. Still, the results were nice.

Some of my digital art is on sale here, and I also put them in some Texas SF/Fantasy art shows, notably AggieCon and ArmadilloCon. If there is a piece you’re interested in that is not marked for sale, let me know, and I’ll whether or not its feasible to reproduce the image in high-resolution print.

I am interested in continuing with my photography. I had been fairly active several years ago, but the addition of children to my family put that hobby on hold for a while. In that time I have made the switch to digital, and I am reconstructing my studio in my new house. If you would like to work with me as a photographer, let me know. I am mostly doing time-for-print work right now, but I’m willing to negotiate other arrangements depending on the situation.

Recently I have started bodypainting, and I have found that this is generating a lot of interest in the various Austin sub-cultures. I am eager to paint more, both for the sheer enjoyment of it and also to improve my technique. I have found that skin takes the paint differently than paper or canvas, so there is no substitute for having access to skin canvas. As such, I am not charging to paint. If you would like to be painted, please contact me.

I live in the Austin, TX area and do most of my photography and painting here at my home, but I can travel reasonable distances for either.

Dan Thompson